Ecological Buildings

Straw Bale with Frame
Straw bale home with a timber frame

We love to work bits of natural wonder and beauty into everything we create - why should our homes be any different?!

Ecological Building is both a design process and the structures that result from it - centered around taking cues from nature's patterns and other wisdoms.

Our homes will be built with nature in mind at every step of the way, without sacrificing comfort. We're taking great care in choosing our building materials that incur minimal environmental impacts in their production, use, and eventual disposal. When possible, we plan to make use of recycled or re-used items first - before seeking out virgin materials. We're of course minimizing the use of any building materials that off-gas or could otherwise threaten our health, too.

We've designed buildings that are altars to the sun: maximizing incoming light and heat through windows on the south sides of our buildings which will heat thick thermal north walls. We'll use straw bales (because they are renewable and locally available) for our first floor walls. We'd love if it we could build straw bale load-bearing walls (an many people are) but this isn't allowed by the county in our area... yet!