Wild and Radish LLC has been honored to be work with several amazing green architects: Darrel DeBoer, Cate Leger, Karl Wanaselja, and Bob Theis have made major contributions to the look and feel of the home spaces we are building. Wild and Radish members have worked with this team and others to collaboratively design the buildings that will serve our eco-village for decades to come. Every choice in our design process has been informed by our collective's commitment to ecological building and environmental stewardship.

We began our building work by completely renovating and adding to the only existing structure on the property. After two years we have a gorgeous home that is very energy efficient, beautiful and non-toxic. We've used natural plasters for the exterior and interior walls. The floors are either reclaimed white oak or earthen material made from local straw, sand, and clay. We have fitted the house with a 50 year metal roof, and hope to soon affix solar to that. Additionally, we're setup for the future installation of solar-powered radiant floor heat running under our stone and mud floors.

Future buildings have been planned for sites on the land where environmental impacts will be minimized. For the buildings themselves, we are maximizing passive solar advantage and will use natural materials wherever possible; floors, walls, insulation. We plant to build future structures utilizing straw bale walls, earth floors, and will use reclaimed wood and timbers at every opportunity. We have been working within the guidelines of our local building department and codes of course, which has limited some of the innovation available to us in this heavily regulated area. Straw bale homes for example are mandated to utilize timber frames, even though we believe straw bale structures can be built two stories highand certain measure can be taken to ensure the house will withstand an earthquake as well as conventional framed houses.

Design Team

Darrel DeBoer is a green architect searching for less expensive ways to build with natural materials. He teaches workshops on building with natural materials, especially bamboo, and is a leading architect in the United States working on bamboo structures. Darrel is particularly clever in the building of the details of a project and values buildings as sculptures that fit into their surroundings. You can see more of Darrel DeBoer’s work at Over the 18 years that Cate and Karl have been designing and building green buildings, they have searched for ways to reduce the tremendous impacts that buildings have on the environment and to live in a way that is sustainable in the long term, including embodied energy and water efficiency and sustainable and non-toxic materials. Their work has been published widely and they have received many awards for their explorations and innovations in green design. You can see more of Cate Leger and Karl Wanaselja’s work at Bob Theis has several decades of experience as a designer and architect. His first straw bale building in 1993 was only the second in the state of California to receive a building permit. He is committed to helping groups such as intentional communities, monasteries, and retreat centers create better neighborhoods with their facilities and to creating archtype buildings that fill a cultural need so well that it may be taken up by the society at large. In addition to design and planning work, Bob provides lectures and leads workshops on design, neighborhood planning and natural building. You can see more of Bob Theis’ work at