Wild & Radish, LLC

Our Vision

Leaders from local food justice organizations MESA and Planting Justice have formed Wild and Radish LLC to initiate the development of a sustainable, urban farm Eco Village inEl Sobrante, California.

This 10 acre community will serve as a local foodshed by providing organic fruits and vegetables to the region, raise healthy families, and help others replicate this work through educational programs and strategic support. One acre will serve as the site for a rental-based EcoVillage communtiy. Two acres will be restored with native species and preserved as a wilderness refuge to honor and nourish the freshwater spring and creek that runs through this special piece of land. Seven acres will support an extraordinarily diverse permaculture farm

Who is involved?

Leah Atwood, May Nguyen, Haleh Zandi, Ron Perrone, Gavin Raders and Andrew Chahrour all came together to purchase the 10 acres in 2012.  We have deep ties in the food justice community in the San Francisco Bay Area.